Eucalyptus Booksleeve

Eucalyptus Booksleeve

Always use protection for your books. With this book sleeve you can do that in great style. The book sleeve is thick to protect those precious corners of the book. Using a book sleeve also prevents tearing of the pages or scratches on the cover. 

The book sleeve is made with a cotton foam, which makes it very sturdy and still lightweight. 

You can choose the size of the book sleeve and what kind of closure you want. 

Ereader: 12 x 17 cm Perfect for the Kobo Clara, Kobo Nia, Pocketbook touch
Pocketbook: 17x20 cm Perfect for small paperbacks or ereader Kobo H2O, Kobo Forma
Paperback: 20x25 cm Perfect for paperbacks or small hardbacks
Hardback: 25x30 cm Perfect for hardbacks and tablets, iPad Air / 10.2", Lenevo M10, Galaxy tab A7

None: This leaves the book sleeve open and with easy access
Button with a loop: A wooden button is added to the front of the sleeve, with a small loop on the backside, stitched in the lining to wrap around the button. This way your book can't fall out. 
Snap closure: With a simple snap you can close the book sleeve to prevent your book from falling out. 

It is also possible to request a custom size, just send me a message!