Be treated like a Royal

You don't have to do anything! Every month, as long as you have the subscription, you will get a book send to your house! It will be wrapped as a present and if you choose you can have extra goodies with the book, matching the theme. 

All you have to do is open the package and you are able to enjoy the book. 


Choose your pricing plan

  • Best Value

    Book and Goodies Box

    Every month
    Get an English YA book each month including goodies
    • Every month you will receive an English YA book
    • Recently published
    • Preferably Hardcover
    • 2-6 goodies (worth above €15)
    • Free Shipping
  • Book Only

    Every month
    • English YA book
    • Every month you will receive an English YA book
    • Preferably hardcover
    • Free shipping
  • Double Booked

    Every month
    2 different YA books per month
    • Both available books of the month
    • Free shipping
    • 2-6 goodies
    • Hardcover book

Royally Booked

This is an example of what you can expect in a box. Here you can see the box of June! In the box was:

House of Hollow (hardcover)

Water bottle with quote

Acrylic pin 

Pin hoop



Each box is different, but I like to send useful items who compliment each other.